Arbiter Self Assign Tutorial

Using the Arbiter Self Assign Feature

From time-to-time certain sub-varsity games will go on Self Assign, meaning that any official can select to work the game on a first come, first serve basis.  Also almost every Scrimmage will be available on Self Assign.

You are allowed to select up to 2 games per day on Self Assign, this is to allow other officials time to see the games available and select those games that they can work.

To see which games/scrimmages are available on Self Assign

  1. Log into your Arbiter Account and if you have multiple accounts, select the DanielMurphy (101776) account.
  2. Click on the Schedule TabSelfAssign001
  3. Click on the Self Assign Tab under scheduleSelfAssign002
  4. You will now see a list of games with positions.  You will see each slot that is available for the Scrimmage Official (for scrimmages) and the Subvarsity Official (for subvarsity games).  So you will likely see multiple slots for each game.  In the screen shot below, there are 3 slots available for the Cape Cod Tech scrimmage, 2 slots available for the B-R scrimmage on 8/31, 5 slots for the B-R scrimmage on 9/4 and 1 slot in the Martha’s Vineyard scrimmage on 9/5.SelfAssign003
  5. Select Go for the game you want to work.  Note even though there may be more slots available for that game, once you select a game, you will no longer see any slots for that game since you can’t be assigned to a game twice.  On the scree shot below, I have selected a slot in the 9/4 B-R scrimmage so the rest of the slots disappear from the list.SelfAssign003a
  6. If you select a second game on the same day, you will get a message that your limit has been reached.SelfAssign004
  7. Click Exit when done and you will go back to your schedule.  Notice that the game you just selected now appear on your schedule.SelfAssign005