The EMAIFO was founded in 1978 by several members of the ANEFO. Our officiating organization serves the schools of the South Shore and Cape Cod.

We meet at Whitman-Hanson Regional High School on Thursday nights during the Fall to review NFHS Football rules and mechanics of officiating Massachusetts High School Football. Each week a member of the association presents a rule or mechanic to the group. Multi-media presentations have become the norm since moving to WHRHS, where we meet in a state of the art lecture hall.

Our goal is to provide the best football officials to the schools we service, and through our extensive training program our members are ready to officiate the highly competitive game of varsity football every Friday night and Saturday afternoon.

In addition to varsity games, we provide officials for sub-varsity games (JV, Freshman and Middle-School) during the weekdays, as well as, Pop Warner and Old Colony Youth Football (OCYFL) on the weekends. Many of our members officiate in the off-season in Semi-Pro (Men), Professional (Women), Flag, Touch and Arena Football. Also, quite a few of our members spend their Saturday afternoons officiating at the college level in Divisions I-FBS, I-FCS, II and III.

Each year at our annual banquet we give out 3 awards:

  • The Murray Lewis Award is given to the official of the year.
  • The Bob Donovan Coach of the Year Award is given to a coach at one of our schools.
  • The Tom Cunningham Award is given to a person who has given to the game of football in a way other than officiating and coaching.

And you don’t want to miss the Getch Award!!!

EMAIFO is a member of MIAA and MSFOA. Massachusetts High School Football adheres to the NFHS Rules.