Maintaining Eligibility

EMAIFO Members need to circle dates on their calendars to maintain eligibility to officiate high school games.  These standards are a combination of EMAIFO, Assigner and MIAA rules.

The MIAA Rule Book states:

92.1 Requirements to officiate in MIAA tournament events – officials must:

 • Be at least 18 years of age.

• Be a certified member of a MIAA-recognized officials’ group (EMAIFO)for the specified sport.

• Provide accurate information on the official MIAA background check application.

• Be cleared through a MIAA background check procedure. 

92.2  It is recommended that those who officiate high school contests be enrolled annually with the MIAA for each sport which the individual plans to officiate during that academic 


May 1


Make your dues payments to your association.

The dues amount is equivalent to a varsity game fee. 

May 1

Make your Arbiter Payment to your assigner. Your assigner will notify you. 

July 1

The MIAA usually opens registration and background checks for the upcoming school year on July 1. You can go to the MIAA website at You click on the OFFICIALS tab. Look for the MIAA ANNUAL REGISTRATION LINK. Click on this and you will go to your Arbiter Account Page. All the information regarding Registration and Background Check is here.   Background Registration and Background Check is here. Background Checks are renewed every three years.  The system will default for a Background Check when you are due. The cost is $35.00. MIAA annual registration is $10.00 per sport. Background checks can take up to three weeks to complete.  

August 1

  Check Arbiter to be sure your MIAA registration and Background Check is complete.

  • Open your Arbiter Account
  • Click on PROFILE
  • On the LEFT side of this page look for the ELIGIBILITY Tab.

If your Registration and Background check is complete you will see a Football emoji.  On the RIGHT side of the page look for the STATUS tab. Under this the READY box needs to be checked.  

If you have a problem with ELIGIBILITY you will need to contact ARBITER at or 1.800.311.4060.


August 20

Complete the Concussion Course.

  Go to the MIAA website at  Click on Sports Medicine and then Concussion.  Scroll down and click on the NFHS Learning Center emblem.  Click on Concussion Courses.  Select our State, register or log in to your account and you are good to go.  

September 1

Complete the Annual Rules Test.

If you are a member in good standing, you will be eligible to receive game assignments from your assigner.  



Best wishes for a healthy, successful year!