If you are an experienced official looking to transfer to the EMAIFO there is a Transfer Application to fill out and send for our review. Before applying for transfer check out the schools we service to be sure we are the right association for you. If we are not the correct association because of geography, you can contact the webmaster and he can point you in the right direction based on where you live.


If you are new to officiating and live South of Boston, the EMAIFO is probably the right group for you to join. You can check out the schools we service (mainly the South Shore and Cape). If you do not live in our area, you can visit other Massachusetts football officiating sites listed on our Links page. If you can’t find which is right for you, please contact the webmaster and we can point you in the right direction, we just need to know where you live in MA.

Each year the EMAIFO holds a class for those who wish to become a football official. The classes meet on Thursday nights in the Fall. The usual start date is the end of August and it runs until the end of October.

Check out the Candidates page and the Candidate Class Schedule for exact information and schedule of topics to be taught for this year’s class.

Our 2nd-Vice President will be running the class. You can
contact the webmaster during the Summer months prior to the beginning of the class to get on the list of candidates for next season so we know who to expect.

What should you expect from officiating football:

  • You will learn the NFHS Football Rules
  • You’ll find great camaraderie among the football officials (we are the 3rd team on the field)
  • Expert Instruction from experienced High School and College officials done in a very professional manner.
  • Mechanics knowledge (positioning and procedures) are just as important as the rules knowledge
  • Good exercise officiating the game you love.

You’ll need to get a uniform because you can work the lower level games while you are going through the classes.