Welcome to the EMAIFO Members area.

Here you will find information pertaining to membership in EMAIFO: Members Meeting Schedule, Incentive/Discount shopping partnerships, Historical Information, Awards and Member Contact Information.

Members who need to change their contact information should use the Update Information menu item on the Members menu.

Most of the information available under the Members heading is publicly available, however, there are a few items of a sensitive nature that will require a username and password to access (Members Contact Information and any Posts that are for Member’s eyes only, to name a couple). Links that require the username/password to access are indicates with double asterisks (**) around the link text.  You have been given the username and password in e-mail(s) sent to the membership to access these sensitive items. These may change from time-to-time, but you will be notified via membership e-mail when it changes, please do not give out the password to non members.

The Members menu item will contain all pages that pertain to the Members.

The presentations by the speakers at the meetings (when they are provided), will be linked on the Members Meeting page. Additionally, they may be under the Rules & Training menu item, as well.

Please use the feedback form link here or on the Contact page to send in any suggestions you have on content of this area, we cannot promise that all your ideas will happen but we want as many suggestions as possible to see what the members want to have in their area.