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MIAA 2022 Football News

MIAA Extra Point Try At The End Of Games

“MIAA Football playoffs use a point rankings system. As such, rankings are based on points for margin of victory. As such we will employ NFHS ‘Rule 8-3-1  Exception’ ,if a touchdown is scored during the last down of the fourth period. The try shall not be attempted unless the point(s) would affect the outcome of the game or playoff qualifying. 

   Points are taken in consideration for playoff rankings.

   We WILL allow teams to attempt the try”

2022 Rule Changes PowerPoint

2022 NFHS Football Clarification

NFHS Pre Season Football Guide

NHFS/ANEFO Substitution, Blow and Throw Fouls & Equipment

 NFHS/ANEFO ‘Penalties on Touchdowns

NFHS/ANEFO Loss of Down Situations

ANEFO Field and Side Judge Mechanics in Seven Person Crews

ANEFO – Kicks, PSKs and Touchbacks – March 30, 2021

ANEFO – Blindside Blocks – March 16, 2021

ANEFO – Free Kicks – October 26, 2020

ANEFO – Pass Interference – October 26, 2020

MSFOA 2022 Football Season Rules Review

MSFOA Clock Operator Instructions

Matt Sumstine : 2022 Intentional Grounding Rule Change

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EMAIFO Interpreter, Mike Byron Week 1 Review

Intentional Grounding’ PowerPoint (w/ voiceover)

EMAIFO Interpreter, Mike Byron, Week 5 Review

You Make the Call: Muffed Kick & A Soccer-like Kick – September 7, 2021

NFHS Practice Exam

 “No name is required, and officials can take it multiple times if desired. We can use this information to tailor training to your group where it is most needed”. Matt Sumstine