Member Meeting Schedule 2022

  EMAIFO meetings will be held on Wednesday nights as follows below.* It is hoped that meetings will be held in person for 2022, and if so will be at Whitman Hanson Regional High School. It is yet to be determined if there will be Zoom meetings or a hybrid choice of attending in person or Zoom.

* June 16th Meeting takes place on Thursday

   Open dates on the schedule will be filled based on the results of the exam strengths and weaknesses shown.

All Meetings will be held at 7 o’ clock pm unless stated otherwise

June 16, 2022Rule Change Interpretations
August 17, 2022BBW and Targeting
August 24, 2022Commissioner’s Meeting
August 31, 2022Under Two Minutes in each half
September 7, 2022
Sept. 14, 2022
Sept. 28, 2022

October 12, 2022
October 26, 2022

November 2, 2022Business Meeting and 7 Man Mechanics
November 17, 2022Banquet!

Rockland Country Club
276 Plain Street, Rockland, MA 02370