Arbiter Pay Tutorial

Arbiter Pay Account Tutorial

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Creating Your Account

To Create an ArbiterPay (formerly called RefPay) Account follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Arbiter Account, go to Dan Murphy’s assigning group and click on the Payments Tab
  2. On the next screen, Click on ArbiterPay

A new Tab/screen will come up in your browser

  1. Click on the “SIGN UP TODAY” button.

What follows is 8 screens that you will need to fill out with your personal information for the account.

You will need:

  • Driver’s License (Optional) – I did not include it when I registered, some states may require.
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank Account and Routing information – It is on a check.
    • NOTE: You don’t need to put in your bank account, but it is highly recommended, if you do not include your bank account, then you will only be able to receive payments via a physical check, and I believe they charge you a fee of $8.50 to send a physical check, manual electronic funds transfer to your bank account will cost nothing (more on this when we get to that screen).
  • Your Arbiter Email and Password

Screen 1 of 8:

Select Sports Official and click Next.

Screen 2 of 8:

Enter your information, the Asterisks show which fields are required.  Click Next.

Screen 3 of 8:

Enter your information, the Asterisks show which fields are required.  Click Next.

Screen 4 of 8:

If your mailing address is the same as the last screen, just click the check box, otherwise enter your information, the Asterisks show which fields are required.  Click Next.

Screen 5 of 8:

Using your check, you should be able to fill in this screen. As mentioned above, it is optional, but without a bank account, you will incur an $8.50 fee each time you want them to send you a physical check.

I would not recommend the Automatic Transfers, they incur a $1.50 fee for each automatic electronic transfer performed.  If you think you’ll forget to transfer your money maybe it’s worth it to you to pay this fee.  Otherwise, you just have to come back to this account periodically throughout the season and transfer whatever balance you have to your checking account, this will incur no fee.

Click Next when done.

Screen 6 of 8:

Select a secret question from the dropdown list and type in your answer, make sure you remember how you answered this question.  If you write down your passwords, keep your answer to this secret question with them.

Screen 7 of 8:

Select a username and password, I would recommend that your username is the same as your Arbiter email address (which should be the email address you entered on the previous screen).  Your password should be kept is a safe place in case you forget it.

Select a 4 number PIN.

You probably don’t want another Debit Card, so answer No.

Answer Yes to the second question

Click Next when done.

If you answered Yes to the assigning question, the next screen will ask you for your Arbiter Login Information

Enter Your Arbiter login information, and click next.

Screen 8 of 8:

Click the check box and click Send.

If you are brought to the Login Screen, Log in using the username and password you selected, You may have been brought directly to your account Information screen and you are already logged in.

Your account screen looks something like this:

Make sure to Logout.

You may want to log in immediately if your on your personal computer and you want your browser to store the login information for this account.  If you do, then log out afterwards and your done until you get some money in your account.

The next two pages detail how to transfer your money to your bank account.

Transferring Funds to Your Bank Account

To Transfer funds to your Bank Account: (1 of 2)

Log into your Arbiter Pay Account: From Arbiter, click Payments, then Arbiter Pay, then Click Sign In on the next screen.

Click on Transfers on the Left

Then Click Enter on the “To Bank Account (EFT)” line

To Transfer funds to your Bank Account: (2 of 2)

All the Bank information should be filled out as you entered it when you signed up for Arbiter Pay. If you added multiple Bank accounts, you can select which account you want to transfer to with the dropdown next to “Select Account”.

You must fill in the amount of the transfer in the space indicated above.

Click Continue and Verify.

In a few days you should see the EFT deposit in your bank account.