President Scott Murdoch’s Message for the 2012 Season

June 21, 2012

Brother Officials

I am excited as we approach and begin to prepare for another football season, in this the 35th year anniversary of the EMAIFO. I have been reflecting on our organization, and how the organization has been perceived. I have always felt that we are an excellent football officiating association. But excellence comes from hard work, dedication and being prepared by all of our members.

“The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor”. – Vince Lombardi

For all of us that endeavor is to officiate football games, and to that end Dan Deardan has put together an excellent program to help prepare us all to do just that this coming season.  But we all need to do MORE than just attend the minimum required meetings. The preseason exam will be sent soon – plan to study and gather in groups to discuss. This bonds your friendships and creates new friendships which we can never under estimate the value.

We also hope to have a clinic this year for new officials – during the later part of July.

With that I would like to Thank you all for your support and express my PRIDE at being able to serve as your President.
I would also like to recognize the hard work and dedication of the Board of Directors.

In addition I would like to recognize all the commissioners that assign all our games and their commitment and confidence that we are doing a job well done.
So best wishes to all the members. I hope that you all have a rewarding 2012 football season and continued good health and fond memories – may every game be your best game my friends!

Scott Murdoch

President, EMAIFO