2019 Member’s Test (Due September 5, 2019)

The Test:

Members may access the 2019 EMAIFO Member’s Test by clicking on this link for the PDF:

2019 EMAIFO Member’s Test

The questions should be answered based on the 2019 NFHS Rules.

Submitting Answers:

The due date for the test is September 5, 2019.  You are encouraged to work in study groups.

Submit Your Answers

To submit your answers, please click on the Link Above and submit them through the form at the link.  It is like taking an online Survey, you will be asked to Type your name and email address, then you can click your answer selection for each of the 50 questions and finally click Submit.  Note: Some workplaces have Google Forms blocked, if this is the case at your business or you are having trouble accessing the form at work, try accessing the form at home before sending the Webmaster an email.

If you find difficulty with the answer form, you may submit your answers via email to the Secretary or on paper.

MIAA Registration


All Members must register with the MIAA for the season so you will be eligible for both regular season and playoff assignments.

Note: Registration alone is $10, registration plus background check is $45.  If you completed a background check in 2015 it is good for 3 years and you will only have to pay the $10 registration fee.

Dear MIAA Game Officials,

Thank you for participating with our 225,000 student-athletes who competed in MIAA interscholastic sports.  Your collaboration with our member schools and leagues is valued.

Registration for the 2017-18 school year will open on July 1st.  All officials will once again complete this process through the MIAA ArbiterSports page found here: http://miaa.arbitersports.com/front/110185/Site .

Information and instructions for both new and returning officials can be found on this main  page.

Your support and professionalism for this important initiative is appreciated.

Many thanks for your service,

Richard L. Pearson
Associate Director