REQUIREMENT: Renew Certification – Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know

This is a reminder to all MIAA Game Officials that the NFHS Concussion Course needs to be taken ANNUALLY.  However, each year, certification expires on June 30, so if you haven’t taken the course since July 1st, you need to take it before the season starts.

See 105 CMR below.

Click on the link below to begin the course. Note that the course is on the NFHS website, therefore you will need to create a user name and login in order to take the course. If you created one last year, you can use the same one.

Note: The certification runs from July 1 – June 30 of each year, so if you took the course in April for a Spring Sport, that certification ends on June 30.  You need to take the course each year after July 1 to comply with the law, and that will cover you for all sports in the upcoming school year.

Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know
(click link to get to training)



105 CMR: Department of Public Health – 201.007 (E) Training Program

“Game officials shall complete one of the training programs approved by the Department as specified on the Department’s website annually and shall provide independent verification of completion of the training program to schools or school districts upon request.”

In support of Department of Public Health (DPH) regulations cited above, and in the best interests of our student athletes, all MIAA Tournament Directors and Tournament Assignors will require successful completion of a DPH approved concussion training program as a condition for an official accepting an MIAA tournament assignment. Your acceptance of an MIAA Tournament contest assignment will be considered a implicit confirmation that you are a member in good standing with your local board, that you are enrolled with the MIAA, and that you have successfully completed a concussion training program as required by the DPH.

The National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) training module, “Concussions in Sports: What You Need to Know”, is one of the MDPH approved training programs and may accessed using the link: