Proposed By-Law Change

To Be voted on at the Business meeting November 8 at 7:00.


13.        All members of the EMAIFO shall receive and complete an annual pre-season examination on rules and technique.  The Examination shall be prepared under the direction of the Board of Directors and shall consist of a question section and an answer section.  The answer section shall be returned to the Secretary a date established by the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall schedule some time during the meeting schedule for review of the examination.  Members of this Association who are also members of the EAIFO are excused from the provisions of this By-Law.  Members who fail to fulfill this requirement shall be suspended immediately until such time as they are in compliance with this By-Law.   (Amended 11/4/1993)

President Scott Murdoch’s Message for the 2012 Season

June 21, 2012

Brother Officials

I am excited as we approach and begin to prepare for another football season, in this the 35th year anniversary of the EMAIFO. I have been reflecting on our organization, and how the organization has been perceived. I have always felt that we are an excellent football officiating association. But excellence comes from hard work, dedication and being prepared by all of our members.

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